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One stop exchange lifecycle management solution to achieve your sales target, track orders and offer your customers great deals!

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How does it work ?

Use this out-of-the-box idea to increase sales. Get to know how SwapEasy increases sales in your business in 4 simple steps!

Integrate SwapEasy into your eCommerce & retail

Effortlessly integrate SwapEasy with your eCommerce website and retail stores.

Customer opts for lucrative exchange offers

Your customers exchange their old products for attractive discounts to get brand new ones.

Product verification and pick-up

Delivery partner audits & collects the old product from the customer’s house & delivers the new product.

Buyer partner purchases the old product

A delivery associate picks up and delivers the product to your choice of buyer partner & the exchange is complete.

What does SwapEasy do for you?

Scale your business with SwapEasy. Increase conversion rates in your sales and so much more with easy product exchange!

Skyrocket your sales

Effortlessly increase eCommerce and retail store sales by enabling easy exchange powered by SwapEasy. People are more likely to buy new products if there is an exchange discount.

Easy exchange operation

SwapEasy handles the end to end exchange operation, from registration & quality checks to price evaluation & tracking the product.

Access our network of buyer partners

Partner with verified used-product buyers of your choice from our network and get the best margins on reselling electronics procured from customers.

Best deals for customers

Get a range of profitable offers, discounts and bump-up prices for your customers to boost acquisition through the onboarded buyer partners for quick liquidation.

All-in-one exchange platform

Track and manage the entire product exchange process from a single platform with one simple integration to your existing eCommerce
& business website.

Frequently asked questions

We have listed all the commonly asked questions about SwapEasy and the product exchange process here. For further queries, please get in touch with us.

How does SwapEasy increase sales on a marketplace?

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SwapEasy is an efficient sales enabler helping eCommerce businesses and retail stores raise revenues by facilitating the simple exchange of customers' old products for great discounts. Seamlessly integrate SwapEasy on your website to increase sales volume and revenue.

Is SwapEasy a conversion optimization tool?

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Yes, SwapEasy improves eCommerce and retail sales conversion by streamlining the entire exchange process. Your customers looking for great deals can avail the exchange offer & get easy discounts on their new purchase.

What products can be exchanged on SwapEasy?

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From exchange offers on electronics to various second-hand products like furniture and even cars, SwapEasy helps online stores increase sales. Currently, SwapEasy’s forte is electronics and appliance exchange.

How can I integrate SwapEasy with my website?

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SwapEasy is built to integrate and function seamlessly with your eCommerce and business website, enhancing the customer experience by offering attractive deals on exchange. Get in touch with us to receive a quick demo and use this unique marketing strategy to increase sales.

How does SwapEasy decide the exchange value of a product?

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The exchange value of a second-hand product is decided after quality checks are conducted to ascertain its good condition. We also take into account the inputs from our network of second-hand buyers and the market standard price for that used product. 
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