Second-hand buying made easy: Boost margins with verified Products.

Source from reputed marketplaces, buy quality checked products and earn profits from customised processes.

Trusted by more than 50+ companies across India

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How to become a SwapEasy partner?

Start sourcing from quality-checked inventories and ramp up profits in 4 simple steps.

Register and join the SwapEasy partner network

Fill in your company details in the form below and our team will get in touch with you for verification.

Choose your desired product category

Streamline your business needs by specifying your used product requirements.

Set up storage hubs

Get the flexibility to set up your hubs for easy and cost-effective pick-ups and delivery.

Purchase quality-checked used items

Receive verified products that can be resold or refurbished as per your needs.

How will SwapEasy help you?

Source branded products and watch your profit margins soar!

We deal with a vast product inventory 

Choose from several categories like second-hand mobile phones, computers, laptops and much more.

Do business with multiple known retailers

Get inventory from trusted online businesses across India.

Save resources with quality-checked products

Thorough checks are conducted and product conditions are specified for each exchange.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to all commonly asked questions about SwapEasy and the used product buying process.
For further queries, feel free to reach out!

How do I register as a buyer?
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First, fill out the sign-up form with basic details. You will be contacted by the SwapEasy team and taken through the onboarding and verification process after which you will be connected with suitable marketplaces.
What kinds of second-hand products can I source from SwapEasy?
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SwapEasy specialises in providing second-hand electronics such as mobiles, laptops, and computers. We plan to expand our inventory to include categories such as furniture, cars, and other appliances.
How can I be assured of the quality of inventory?
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All used products exchanged by customers first go through comprehensive quality checks before reaching you. Trained delivery partners ascertain the condition of every exchanged item before picking up the ones that pass the checks.
What is the buying process like? 
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SwapEasy will require the buyer partner to set up an advance account balance and specify the products they wish to purchase. As soon as the best price is offered, the product is given to the buyer, and the advance balance is deducted accordingly.
What is SwapEasy's method of determining exchange value?
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A product's value is determined after quality checks, input from buyers and the market standard price are considered. 
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